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This Is The Title Of This Update

Regular readers of this blog may or may not have realised that I have been distinctly absent for the past half a month. It has been one hell of a manic month (and that is to put it mildly) both personally and hobby wise – so with that in mind, let me give you an update.


Personally, the past two weeks have been the peak of a new challenge and new horizons. Last week I received news that in January I will be starting a new job, in the same area I am in now but doing something slightly different. It may surprise…like none of the readers of this blog, that I am an analyst by trade. In January I will be taking a slightly different approach to analysis and having a bit of a career realignment. I’m being vague because let’s be honest, you read this blog to have chat on gaming – and not to hear about my life – but hey, you’re a captive audience.

Okay, that aside, let’s chat gaming.


A little while ago I started talking about Star Wars: Destiny on this blog and put up a Padme/Jyn list I was playing with. Things have progressed a long way since then. Two weekends ago I entered my first tournament, and now I can officially say that I came (drum roll please) 14th out of 15 players in a store championship near me. Yeah…

…Okay, so maybe I should stick to Splendor when it comes to Tournament rankings, but hey, it was fun. I changed my list to eLando/ePadme deck in the end, and managed to have a few close games, but by the time I got into it I was waaayyy down near the bottom.

Board Games

Gaming is always such a large part of my life, and recently has been no exception. Since I last posted on this blog we’ve played Terraforming MarsSub TerraSecret HitlerCash ‘n’ GunsTimelines: Historical Events7 Wonders, and a whole host of other games. You can expect to see these pop up over the next few weeks. You can also expect a few more Magic the GatheringStar Wars: Destiny, and analysis posts. It should be a good November.

Miniature Games

I may now be collecting an Age of Sigmar army again. I’ll reveal more about this in due course, but essentially, it went a way I didn’t actually expect. After reading all the Grand Alliance books (or all the interesting ones at least), I picked an army that I thought would be fun to play. I’m going to reveal more about this in my next article, but for now let it be simply known that they are not what you would expect from someone who solely writes about Night Goblins (sorry, “Grots”) or Nurgle. Namely – it’s not Night Goblins or Nurgle.

I also have a few more announcements about miniature games and this blog, which I shall tease as thus, but that’s not to be announced now. Tehehehe.

Okay, so to summarise, lots has been happening. Now I am back, probably not posting every day, but writing often enough that there should be regular content out there again.

Live long and prosper, dear readers, and keep loving the game.

Oh, and Happy Halloween.


  1. Welcome back we noticed the absence if only ‘cos I actually played my first non MB/GW board game and really enjoyed it (and blame you entirely for enticing me to try one 😀). And Noooooo for AoS! Only joking. Be sky dwarves, be sky dwarves (crosses fingers).

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    • It’s good to be back 🙂 I miss blogging when I’m not here.

      Haha I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s not Sky Dwarves…although they do look amazing and I may try them later on 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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