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4 Games We Have Taken Travelling With Us

Today has been a really long day. It actually started yesterday when, after working a full day, we drove down to Stansted Airport on the other side of London. From there, we took a 5.40am flight to Ciampino Airport in Italy before then taking a hour long coach journey to Roma Termini in Rome. There we proceeded to walk 20 minutes to our hotel, had an hour nap, and began a 20km walk around the city. Now, we are back at the hotel, and are both collapsing fast into the realms of sleep. Before I do rest my weary head, however, let me very quickly tell you about four small games we brought travelling with us for airport entertainment purposes.

This won’t be a very long article, for obvious reasons in regards to exhaustion. That being said, let’s explore these games anyway.

#1. Arkham Noir

So, recently I haven’t been able to play as many games due to general life things getting in the way. As a partial solution to this, I’ve been in the market for good solo games to play whilst other things have been going on. When browsing the Forbidden Planet store near Covent Garden, I came across this curious little game – a story based, decksploration game that is, I believe, replayable.

Arkham Noir

I haven’t played it yet, and it is still in my bag, but I can tell you a couple of things about it. The first is it offers a slightly different take on the traditional Cthulhu themed game, putting HP Lovecraft in the role of detective. The second is that, I am genuinely really excited to play this game. It isn’t overly well known, but it has good reviews and I’m gutted I haven’t got around to it as of yet.

#2. Oddball Aeronauts

So, I first game across Oddball Aeronauts at the UK Games Expo in 2015, only to later buy the game specifically with travelling in mind.

Oddball Aeronauts

Oddball Aeronauts is a zaney, fun little Top Trumps style game that can be played entirely in the hand. It has been designed so you can hold your deck, whilst deciding how you want to defeat your opponents. Oddball Aeronauts is a two player game, in which the players take control of two well thought through factions. Each has its own abilities that can make it a really simple and really fun little game.

So, since my partner has never really played Oddball Aeronauts I thought, what better an opportunity to teach her than in an airport departure lounge?

#3. Love Letter

Love Letter doesn’t really need an introduction on a blog about board games. It is one of the most played small card games of all time, based around the idea of eliminating players until there is only one left. Those players are removed from the game by successfully ousting their hand for all to see.

Love Letter

Although not the best two player game, as you only need to eliminate one player to win, Love Letter is a great little travelling game because, unlike other games, it is quick, easy to pick up, and comes in a pouch that makes it ideal for moving around.

Due to how small and compact it is, Love Letter was easy to throw in my rucksack. If I were brutally honest, it’s not my favourite game ever, but, that being said, it is a good mix of deduction and luck – and it does keep you entertained when waiting for a flight.

#4. Romans Go Home

I’m in Rome, right? I mean, I had to bring Romans Go Home if only to take this picture –

Romans are home.

Romans Go Home is a probability game based around the idea of banishing the Romans back to whence they came. You play as the Scots, who want to get rid of the Romans from their land, and stop them from building Hadrian’s Wall. It’s a fairly quick game, that uses probability and randomness a lot, and is actually one I want to explore from a mathematical perspective relatively soon.

Romans Go Home in the light.

I’m not going to lie, the game needs a fair amount of table space, but I mean – come on. We’re in Rome. I’ve been carrying it around all day just for that photo!

Because…you know…when in Rome, amiright?

So, there we have it – four games we packed to bring with us on holiday. We’re only in Rome for the weekend, so there will be a return to normal articles next week – less phone based rambling and more coherent thought.

With that in mind, let me ask you a question – what are your favourite games to take travelling and why? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Pretty much any of the Tiny Epic games. They are small, but pack a lot into the game. Tiny Epic Kingdoms and Tiny Epic Galaxies being my favorites. No Thanks and For Sale are also nice small games. 7 Wonders Duel is a fun one for us to take, when the teen and I get bored. I tend to take things that aren’t too large and that I’m not worried about losing one of the hundred pieces. King of Tokyo and Ticket to Ride sometimes go, when we want to play with the non-boardgamers.

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    • Good choices – although Ticket to Ride does have hundreds of pieces! Tiny Epic games seem to come up a lot. Do you reckon that because they have a lot of game in a tiny box?

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      • Yea, all those trains are hard to keep track of. It’s why we don’t usually take it. The Tiny Epic line has been pretty fun. Usually with a small game, comes equally simplified games. I feel like with the Tiny Epic games, they’ve just shrunk down the components mostly. Tiny Epic Quest and Tiny Epic Western both can take awhile to play and can be a little complex to learn.

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  2. It can be such a hassle choosing which games to take with you during travel or vacation. We have Love Letter but I do not like that game at all.
    Usually we take Babel, Tiny Epic Defenders and Hey that’s my fish.🤗

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  3. Shotten Totten and Welcome to the Dungeon are two which I usually throw into the bag.

    Lately I’ve been playing Lost Legacy: the starship. It’s a step up from love letter, I think it plays better at 2, but is more difficult introducing it to new players.

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      • Schotten Totten for two player for sure. There are 9 control points in the middle of the table, and you can only add three cards to each point. There are simplified poker rules as to what beats what, and you win if you get 5 points total, or three (?) in a row. This allows for all sorts of tactics, strategies and mental mind games, while keeping it easy to learn and play. Love it!

        Lost Legacy uses Love Letter rules with a twist, instead of whomever has the princess wins. The princess is a spaceship, and at the end of the round players get a chance to guess where the spaceship is. If they guess correctly they win.

        In terms of roles, it’s a lot more about bluffing and less about deduction. It works as a light game with a bit more thought. Also you can pick it up from Miniature market for 5-7 dollars sometimes.

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