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Update: What’s Been Going On, Luke?

You used to post every two days and you’ve been sporadic with your posting, especially over the past couple of months! What’s been going on, Luke?

My dearest reader, you are right. I have been sporadic over the past couple of months, and where I want this to be a blog focused on gaming, there is no getting around the fact that stuff has been happening that has been getting in the way of writing. Real life, dear reader, is a pain in the behind.

So, what has been going on? Well, there are two things. Firstly, I have changed jobs. It may surprise you, but very few board game bloggers do it for a living. Since August 2017 I have been in a state of Fluxx and progression with jobs in the hunt for a healthier work/life balance. Now, and in the long term, I have found that balance. The place I now earn a living is an awesome place to work and I really enjoy it. That being said, in the short term itΒ  means my commute has increased quite a bit. You know you have a long commute when it is measured in audio books.

This leads onto the second point, and what is currently the biggest drain on my time.

My girlfriend and I are house hunting, which I am beginning to learn is as all-consuming as having a second full time job. We have finally decided it is time we spend the money we have been saving on a house that I really wish the girlfriend will let me call Chateau Meeples. What’s the house like? Well…I’ll let you know when we’ve found it. At the moment it is purely theoretical, but at a current rate of viewing around seven houses a week, it should only beΒ 3,571,428 weeks until we have seen every house in the UK. We’ll get there. Eventually, and with the aid of some serious medical breakthroughs around ageing.

So, what does this mean? Well, as of tonight/today I plan on blogging again; however, until we have found a house and until my commute reduces in size, there may be days when I don’t post. Please bear with me, we are working on it! Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

There are exciting things in the future for this blog, or exciting things I am planning at least, we just need to jump the final few hurdles to get there.

Thanks for sticking with Start Your Meeples during this time. I thank you for your patience and support.

Keep loving the game,



  1. Thank you for the update. I’m glad you found a better work-life balance now. It is so important to get that right. I hope you also find the right house for you two. It’s an exciting but also daunting time. Keep going!

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