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Introducing Megacity Oceania (UKGE Preview)

Last night, Beth and I went to the UK Games Expo Show Preview for the first time, representing Start Your Meeples at the NEC in Birmingham. The UK Games Expo is all weekend this weekend, and so I am blogging like a mad to try and cover as much as physically possible. First thing this morning, we want to introduce you to another game we saw last night that really piqued our interest – Megacity Oceania.


Megacity Oceania

What is Megacity Oceania, and why is it so interesting?

We actually got speaking to the designer of Megacity Oceania last night and asked for a rundown on the game. The first sentence he said has us hooked from the start –

Megacity Oceania is a dexterity game meets Eurogame.”

Sounds epic, right? I mean, just those eight words promise a lot within the box.

In Megacity Oceania you play the roles of architects looking to build a city together, but you are all competing for the best and biggest buildings. There are three resources in the game that are drafted out of a bag – concrete, steel, and glass – and you must use those resources in order to build your fantastic creations.

There are a set of objective cards in the game that challenge you to build structures using only specific types of resources or with specific designs in mind. For instance, you can’t use glass or you have to build some form of archway. There are even ones that let you build anything you want to in order to get points.

What really makes the game for me though is that you draft your components and then you pass the bag on to the next player. Whilst they are taking their turn you get to build your structure in front of you. Sounds simple, right?


Structures in Megacity Oceania

Wrong. You may be building your structure in front of you, but this is a game where you are building a city together. To ensure your structure is stable enough you have to move your structure from in front of you to the centre of the board without it falling over.

I think this is a fantastic concept and cannot wait to give the game a try.

At the end of the game there are points awarded for the best structures and the tallest. There are several different ways of getting points in order to allow for different strategies to emerge.

Beth and I can’t help but predict that Megacity Oceania will take the board game circuit by storm. It has something for everyone, allowing for serious focus and silly fun. The mechanics are also really interesting, being a literal city builder, but also with drafting and a sort of modular board tile placement.


Objective cards

We’re off to the Expo again today. I’m going to try to steal a few moments to write things up throughout the day. Watch this space dear readers, as there are more on the way.


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