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UKGE: Board Games Are About The People

Today has been a marvellous day. It has been the first day at the UK Games Expo and we are now sat in our room at the Premier Inn with our feet up reflecting on the day. This evening, since the last post, we have been in the open gaming halls, playing Flick ‘Em UpTeam 3D6 Dungeon, and Treasure Island. It’s been a great end to a great day, and we are heartily looking forward to tomorrow.

One thing has been reinforced today though, and it is a thing that deserves to be talked about. We’ve had a lot of conversations today with a lot of different people, and one thing was unanimously agreed on. The UK Games Expo is not really about games. I mean it is about games, of course it is, but the games come second. Instead everyone agreed that gaming is about the people.


Hall 1 of 2

This, when you think about it, makes perfect sense. We have a hobby where we choose to sit around a table for hours on end with one another. We challenge each other in intellectual ways, as well as quite a few ways that aren’t intellectual at all (we did say we spent part of the evening playing Flick ‘Em Up). We work together in cooperative games, whilst pushing each other to the limit in take-that games. We have a hobby that is, as its very nature, sociable.

The UK Games Expo is no different. This year we have run into all kinds of people. We’ve had coffee with old and new friends a like. Earlier, we got talking to a really awesome random guy whilst getting some fresh air and we realised we follow each other on Instagram. We’ve spent time talking to brand new designers and well established names in the field of gaming. Every single person we have met, without exception, has been absolutely lovely. Every single person has been happy to talk about games, or share advice, or just chat about random things – and it is such a beautiful hobby to be a part of.


The Open Gaming Suite

Recently, we’ve been reflecting more and more on this wonderful thing we call a hobby and thinking about what it is that makes it special and unique. Quite a few of these musings have made their way into blog posts, but I think after a day like today the answer is very clear. Board games are about the people you play them with.

It is days like today that we consider ourselves lucky to be a part of the community.

Okay, we have a full day tomorrow and we want to talk more about the games, as well as have a conversations with people about games, ready to write about over the next few days. Currently our feet are numb and our eyes are drooping so we need to sleep. Goodnight for now and we’ll be posting more tomorrow!

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