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DC Spyfall Questions – 50 Questions To Find The Joker

Spyfall is a popular game. Released in 2014, it has become one of the quintessential social deduction games. It is incredibly simple, and we have covered it a fair amount in the past, both with a review and questions to ask as an aid.

The concept of Spyfall is simple. A location is chosen at random (unknown to the players) and cards equal to the number of players are shuffled up. The crux is that one of the cards just says “Spy” on it. This means all players know where they are, apart from one who is that Spy, but they don’t know who the Spy is. It is up to the players to guess who the Spy is and up to the Spy to guess where the location is. Yes, it really is that simple, and yes, it really is that neat.

The company who created Spyfall however (Cryptozoic), did not stop there. They have since released a few variations of the game – Spyfall 2 and DC Spyfall. It is this latter game we are talking about today.

Now, Spyfall and DC Spyfall are completely different beasts. Where in Spyfall the locations are incredibly abstract, making coming up with questions relatively easy, in DC Spyfall the areas are incredibly precise. Each one is a reference, something that is both a strength and a weakness to the game. It can be both easier to ask questions about a specific location, and it can be harder as you don’t want to give too much away. There also aren’t job roles in DC Spyfall like there is with the standard version. With that in mind, we’ve collated together a whole series of questions that should help.

One big differentiation – in DC Spyfall there isn’t a Spy, per say, but rather the Joker. So…in many ways it should probably be called Jokerfall.

Now it is important to note that a lot of the base Spyfall questions will work here, and some will be cross over nicely. That being said, to help narrow it down, there are a few more precise questions you can ask specifically for Jokerfall DC Spyfall.

Questions for DC Spyfall

  1. If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?
  2. Have you seen Bruce Wayne recently?
  3. Do the public know you are here?
  4. What is the lighting like here?
  5. What would you say the atmosphere is like?
  6. Are there any animals around?
  7. Who was the last bad guy you saw?
  8. Who was the last hero you saw?
  9. What is the closest piece of equipment you can see?
  10. What are you wearing?
  11. What was the last person you saw wearing?
  12. What is that smell?
  13. Who is in charge here?
  14. Do you prefer Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne?
  15. Where can I plug my phone in?
  16. Who left that footprint?
  17. Whose hair is that?
  18. How old was the last person you saw?
  19. How smart are the people around you?
  20. What was the last thing you ate?
  21. What colour is the sky?
  22. What is your favourite animal?
  23. Are you here on business or pleasure?
  24. How busy would you say it is here?
  25. What was the last training exercise you did?
  26. On a scale from 1 to 10, how calm are you feeling?
  27. Describe your emotions in 3 words…
  28. What colour is your cape?
  29. Do you know anyone else here?
  30. What was the last thing you read?
  31. What was the last thing you did on a computer?
  32. What’s that sound?
  33. What did I just tread in?
  34. How do you go about your day-to-day routine?
  35. Who’s that over there?
  36. What’s your position on authority?
  37. What do you think about the current president?
  38. What type of plants can you see?
  39. Tell me about a time you experimented?
  40. What is your favourite food?
  41. What are you drinking?
  42. What’s your favourite method of communication?
  43. What was the last news article you read?
  44. How important are you?
  45. What’s your preferred method of problem solving?

Okay, so those are 45 questions that could be used to find the Joker. As mentioned before, there are other lists of questions for the base game that will work for DC Spyfall as well as they do for the standard game. You can find those kinds of questions in articles like this and this.

“But Luke,” I hear you cry in rage, “you promised 50 questions!”

Yes, dearest outraged reader, yes I did. With that in mind, and like we did with one of the other articles, we have saved some of our favourite questions back. That is because, like the Dark Knight himself, some of these are a little bit batty…

“Batty” Questions

These we will explain in a bit more detail, but for these, they require a bit of role play.

  1. I may not be the hero Gotham wants, but what do you believe Gotham deserves? – A bit of a weird question, and it sounds a bit like a quiz show question, but it lets the answerer know two things. Firstly, it lets them know that you know this is a location Batman is present. Secondly, it forces them to think of something Gotham City related in response. Perfect for the GCU, Police Department, Batcave, or Iceberg Lounge. If they just answer generically like “justice” then they may be the Joker.
  2. Can you finish this sentence – “Holy smokes Batman – quick, grab the Bat______” – One for the 1960s Batman fans. That series and movie had some ridiculous gadgets. Not only is this one a laugh to see what they come up with, but they have to come up with something batty to fill the gap. The answer should be both Batman related and related to the location. If they say “Shark Repellent” and you are not in Atlantis, they are the Joker…either that or kudos…they have seen the 1960s film.
  3. Where should our invisible jet take us? (Alternative: Where should we fly to?) – An aspirational question, this forces the answerer to think of somewhere related to the location, without giving away the location itself.
  4. What’s your Kryptonite? – For this the answerer needs to think about what their weakness will be in an area. For Clark Kent or Superman related areas, the answer can literally be Kryptonite. Otherwise, they need to think about who would be in this area and what makes them weak.
  5. In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might…admit it…like…are you the Joker? – Just because…

Do you feel those superhero senses tingling? CAN YOU FEEL THE POWER?

Okay, so there you have it. We’ve done these question articles before and this was by far the hardest to come up with questions. We wanted them to be different from before, so please feel free to read the other normal Spyfall question articles for more ideas. We’ve linked to them a few times throughout this article, so they should be easy to find.

So, there you are – 50 questions to ask, including one that is just dumb. Until next time, however, just remember:

With great questions come great responsibility…

Wait…what do you mean that isn’t DC?

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