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Lander (Kickstarter 2020)

Lander. We’ve spoken quite a lot about Lander on this blog. After meeting Dan, one of the designers, at the UK Games Expo (and having demoed the game at the same event), Lander immediately piqued our interest as a game to watch. It is smart, sophisticated, and kind of intriguing. What is more, it has a really cool space setting that won us over the first time we saw it.

We played a few turns at the UK Games Expo 2019, and Lander really left a lasting impression. We have been looking forward to being able to get our hands on our own copy.

It has been a long journey for Intrepid Games, the team behind the game, but Lander is now live on Kickstarter.

Usually, if writing about a game on Kickstarter, we write an introduction article, saying what the game is about. In this case, we’ve written about Lander a few times before and have been following it for quite a while. I’ll link to those articles below – but just as a quick reminder – here’s a bit of information about Lander.

What is Lander?

Lander is a strategic board game in which you control a team of scientists, engineers, and other brainy people who are colonising a planet to make it a second home for humanity. During the game, players must mine resources, grow their crews, and generally strengthen their position as colonists. Owned by private organisations, the crews are all in competition with one another, aiming to create the strongest colony whilst surviving whatever the planet may throw at them.

You can see the story video below:

Lander, as a game, looks great. It has a modular board, as well as original artwork on all the cards. The design has been really well thought through, and it has a real table presence.

Mechanically, Lander has been designed to minimise luck and encourage strategic thinking. It has Engine Building, Hand Management, Resource Management, and three different play styles depending on how much time you have to play.

To survive the planet and win the game you have to do five different things:

  1. Gather resources
  2. Manage your crew and train them
  3. Take action to benefit your corporation (or mess with other people)
  4. Adapt to events on the planet
  5. Earn stars – which are the objective of the game

Lander promises a lot. We’ve been following the progress for around 8 months, and is is the kind of game that (after demoing it) we want to play more of. The impression that Lander gave, and the best way I could describe it, is as if Catan met Terraforming Mars and they glanced briefly at Villagers. That may not be the best comparison, but if you are a fan of those kinds of games then it may be worth checking out.

Finding Out More About Lander

As I mentioned above, we have covered Lander a few times in the past. Most notably within our preview at the UK Games Expo and when we interview Dan Alexander about the design process. You can see both of those below.

Finally, you can check out more about Lander on Kickstarter by clicking on the link below:

Check out Lander on Kickstarter

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