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What is Start Your Meeples? Why start Start Your Meeples? Who is Start Your Meeples? Well, dear reader, let me answer some of those questions.

Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Luke and I am a full time geek, part time whatever my day job is, and the sixth best Splendor player in the UK. Yes, you heard that right – 6th. Don’t you feel honoured to be reading this blog now?

No? Oh, okay, fine.

I started Start Your Meeples for a simple reason. I love board games. They are amazing and have filled me with so much joy over the entire period of my life (I expected that sentence to end differently when I started it). They are so much more than just games, and that is something I want to get across with this blog. They are an escape, an educational experience, and a social tool. They take us to worlds unknown and let us see more than just with our eyes. Every one lets us explore our world a little bit more, as well as creating new worlds of our own.

Of course, we’re not going to just talk about board games, but card games, RPGs, miniature games, and so much more. It’s going to be fun.

So please, make yourself a coffee, draw up a seat, and let us share this passion of ours. Get ready to Start Your Meeples


A Meeple…

Okay, the serious part – hello again, I’m Luke. I write Start Your Meeples, a place which is about exploring this awesome hobby we share. I have been a gamer my entire life and, in a way, I suppose that is what this blog is about.

Gaming is, for want of a better word, a constant. It has always been there – from my very first D&D game when I was seven years old, to the PS2 and Xbox 360 years, and then recently again with board games. Throughout life I have learned to value the order they bring, in a strange way the rules, and the enjoyment that comes with them. This blog is an exploration of that, with a little bit of analysis here, and a bit of entertainment there. At the moment it is not monitised in any way; however, if someday I can make a living out of gaming then you will be sure that I will try.

…Of Many

Of course, this hobby helps bring so many people together – from those who enjoy it because they love the interaction, to those who like the analysis, to those who need gaming for whatever reasons they have, to those who just enjoy it. Through this blog you will see notice of a few people, each of whom deserve a little bit of a brief intro –

  • “My Dad” – The man who introduced gaming to me through D&D. I need to mention my Mum as well, as she has always encouraged me, both with my gaming ventures and my writing.
  • “My Girlfriend” – Beth – She reads all of my articles before they go live to check for typos. We’ve been together now for six years and she puts up with a lot of me asking her questions, complaining, moaning, and being a bit of a miserable git. She is just amazing.
  • “The Gaming Group” – Five of us who are regulars, and around seven others who pop in and out. These guys are awesome, and they have introduced me to so many games between them. They are more than just gamers – giving me everything from kinship to advice for the four years we have been gaming together. Plus they have an incredible dog and gaming table – for the win.

So, there you go. Hang around for a while, enjoy yourself, have a chat. Most of all though, whatever you do, love the game.



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