Review: Spyfall

We shouted at her from across the table, the whole family gathered round to watch what was going on, "Janet, seriously, we need you to give a more obvious answer to a question. We all believe you are the spy, if you aren't then you need to let us know. Please just answer the question clearly.... Continue Reading →

Review: Brutal Kingdom

Last week I got a buzz on my phone. It wasn't the usual buzz. It wasn't an email or a text or even (heaven forbid, as an introvert) a phone call. Instead, it was a notification from my Amazon app. Yes, Prime Day has arrived and an item from my list was on sale. That... Continue Reading →

Smash Up: The Super Igor Strategy

In the world of card games, there are a lot of different mechanics. These range an incredible amount in regards to how the game plays, and this is because cards are such a versatile tool for game designers to use. One such mechanic is deck-building, dating back to the collectable card games of old, but... Continue Reading →

Review: Sandwich Masters

Indie, food based fun. PREMISE OF SANDWICH MASTERS Sandwich Masters is a 2-4 player competitive card game developed by a small Indie developer called Big Punch Studios. In the game the player plays the part of a sandwich artist (as Subway call them) looking to earn money by completing as many orders as possible. This... Continue Reading →

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