Review: Tech Dice by Q-Workshop

I have a thing for nice dice. I think I've mentioned it a few times on this blog already, but as an avid tabletop RPG fan I love having nice dice to play with. There is something amazing about having dice that match the scenario you are playing that just keeps me buying more. Well, a... Continue Reading →

Review: Biblios

Monasteries and money. THE PREMISE OF BIBLIOS Biblios is a game about more than being a monk. Biblios is a game about being the head monk (or abbot, to use the technical term) in charge of a monastery. Your goal, should you choose to accept it, is to manage and sell resources whilst managing your... Continue Reading →

Review: Cthulhu Dice

The dark lord rise'th. THE PREMISE OF CTHULHU DICE Cthulhu Dice is a dice game (no new news so far) set in the HP Lovecraft universe and created by Steve Jackson. In the game you control the servants of Cthulhu who are, in the great Lovecraftian tradition, trying to drive each other mad. You start... Continue Reading →

Review: Age of War

THE PREMISE OF AGE OF WAR Get ready for Swords and Samurai. Age of War is a push-your-luck dice game set in feudal Japan, with elements of set collecting built in. The player, on their turn, takes control of seven die, each with different faces denoting part of an army. The player's goal is to... Continue Reading →

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