This Renaissance of Ours

A couple of weeks ago I read a blog post that kind of stuck with me. It was a short piece, only a couple of paragraphs long, talking about how it seemed like fewer and fewer people are playing board games compared to the number that used to. It was an opinion piece, and that... Continue Reading →

Why Fate is a Really Cool Concept

Last week I ordered a couple of RPG core sets to read through as an alternative to D&D. Although there isn't anything intrinsically wrong with D&D, I've been playing the D20 system my entire life (through either D&D or similar RPGs) and fancied a bit of a change. With that in mind, I thought it... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Gary Gygax

A big day in gaming history today. Today would have been the 79th Birthday of Gary Gygax, Lord of Geeks and DM Extraordinaire. Gygax was the author, co-publisher, and co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons, released in 1974. Since then the game has gone through several iterations, spawned countless modules, and is still loved by millions... Continue Reading →

Warhammer: Playing for Keeps

I never understood winning. It always seems so overrated. It has reached the point where even games I enjoy and am good at, I don't play to win. That's not the point. It's about having fun. I used to love Warhammer. Ever since I was a small boy I remember always building and painting some... Continue Reading →

D&D Philosophy: Can the Dungeon Master Win?

My Dad got me into Dungeons and Dragons. He had first started playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons whilst at university, working on a Chemistry PhD. He and his friends ran campaign after campaign, developing their own adventures along the Sword Coast, as well as creating their own scenarios along the way. He was a gamer... Continue Reading →

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