Review: Stone Age (The Board Game)

Let's talk about Stone Age. I don't know why I felt the need to clarify that in the title. Stone Age: The Board Game - because next week we'll totally be reviewing the actual Stone Age... THE PREMISE OF STONE AGE (THE BOARD GAME...NOT THE ACTUAL STONE AGE...) Stone Age is a 2-4 player worker... Continue Reading →

Exploring Game Theory (Using Catan)

There is something incredibly satisfying about Game Theory. First off, much as the name implies, it can apply to games - tabletop, video, and the kindsĀ of games we play with one another in everyday life. Secondly, it is such a simple mathematical theory that, when explored, most of the readers of this article will probably... Continue Reading →

Who is the Robber in Catan?

Some know him as "The Robber", some know him as "Pain Incarnate", and some know him as "The One Who Makes Life Miserable". All I know is that he comes out on a seven and removes half of my hand. Who is the Robber from Catan? Okay, so let's overanalyse something - let's pull apart... Continue Reading →

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