Why Fate is a Really Cool Concept

Last week I ordered a couple of RPG core sets to read through as an alternative to D&D. Although there isn't anything intrinsically wrong with D&D, I've been playing the D20 system my entire life (through either D&D or similar RPGs) and fancied a bit of a change. With that in mind, I thought it... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Gary Gygax

A big day in gaming history today. Today would have been the 79th Birthday of Gary Gygax, Lord of Geeks and DM Extraordinaire. Gygax was the author, co-publisher, and co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons, released in 1974. Since then the game has gone through several iterations, spawned countless modules, and is still loved by millions... Continue Reading →

Wolverine as an Advanced D&D Character

Two days ago I was treated to┬áLogan. The movie is the latest in a long line of X-Men movies and, after the abomination that was X-Men: Apocalypse it was a welcome addition to the genre. That being said, Hugh Jackman never disappoints, and once again he brought the iconic character of Wolverine to life on... Continue Reading →

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