Warhammer: For the Love of Nurgle

I remember the first time I played Warhammer in my local Games Workshop store. I had actually been invited to a painting day, and was thrilled to be going. I had rushed through painting my army up in advance to have something to play with, taking only a few unpainted models to work on whilst... Continue Reading →

Warhammer: Playing for Keeps

I never understood winning. It always seems so overrated. It has reached the point where even games I enjoy and am good at, I don't play to win. That's not the point. It's about having fun. I used to love Warhammer. Ever since I was a small boy I remember always building and painting some... Continue Reading →

X-Wing: Fat Wedge

For those who don't know, Star Wars X-Wing is a model based, tabletop battle/skirmish game based in the Star Wars universe, and published by Fantasy Flight. In it the player takes control of one of three factions (Rebel, Scum, and The Empire), building their fleet and choosing their army lists, to fight friends (or foes)... Continue Reading →

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