Why Fate is a Really Cool Concept

Last week I ordered a couple of RPG core sets to read through as an alternative to D&D. Although there isn't anything intrinsically wrong with D&D, I've been playing the D20 system my entire life (through either D&D or similar RPGs) and fancied a bit of a change. With that in mind, I thought it... Continue Reading →

Smash Up: The Super Igor Strategy

In the world of card games, there are a lot of different mechanics. These range an incredible amount in regards to how the game plays, and this is because cards are such a versatile tool for game designers to use. One such mechanic is deck-building, dating back to the collectable card games of old, but... Continue Reading →

Review: Blood Rage

"You dare threaten Thor with such a puny weapon?" This is going to be one hefty review. Blood Rage is a big game, yet it is surprisingly simple. It has a lot of unique components, but not too many rules. It has been nominated for so many awards that I am just going to take... Continue Reading →

X-Wing: Fat Wedge

For those who don't know, Star Wars X-Wing is a model based, tabletop battle/skirmish game based in the Star Wars universe, and published by Fantasy Flight. In it the player takes control of one of three factions (Rebel, Scum, and The Empire), building their fleet and choosing their army lists, to fight friends (or foes)... Continue Reading →

Review: Multiuniversum

THE PREMISE OF MULTIUNIVERSUM Multiuniversum is a 1-5 player, competitive set-collecting card game in which players take control of scientists at CERN, looking to close portals they have accidentally opened to multiple dimensions. In order to do so the players must collect resources and move between five different coloured modules of the Hadron Collider to... Continue Reading →

Review: Age of War

THE PREMISE OF AGE OF WAR Get ready for Swords and Samurai. Age of War is a push-your-luck dice game set in feudal Japan, with elements of set collecting built in. The player, on their turn, takes control of seven die, each with different faces denoting part of an army. The player's goal is to... Continue Reading →

Review: Sub Terra

THE PREMISE OF SUB TERRA Can you survive the caves? Sub Terra is a co-op exploration game designed by ITB, in which you (and your friends, if you don't want to play one player) take on the roles of cavers who have spelunked into the wrong hole. Your job, as a crack team of caving... Continue Reading →

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