A Note on Photos:

The majority of the photos on this blog are taken by me, most on my dining room table, on the floor, a foot rest, or a friend’s gaming table. The majority of photos thus far have been taken using a Huawei P9 Lite or a Canon 650D. Most in fairly poor lighting (so sorry about the blurriness). They are in context and thus should constitute being used under fair usage, as I am talking about the games I am displaying. If however, for any reason, you want me to remove a photo please just drop me a note. You can do this from the contact page.

Occasionally I may use an image that has been licensed under Creative Commons, from a site like Unsplash. Alternatively, for some of the more “history of” articles, I may use old photos like those available on Wikipedia. These will only be used if copyright allows.

A Note on Content and Monetization:

All views expressed are my own opinion. I am not paid for any reviews, nor am I paid for writing these articles. At the moment this blog does not earn me any money and is not monetised. I never set out to offend with anything I write and just want to share the love of gaming.

A Note on Regularity:

I will try and post as regularly as possible (I actually try and schedule a few days in advance usually). I do this for a couple of reasons, but most notably because this blog is important to me. Gaming has given me so much and I want to showcase the hobby to the world. That being said, there is the possibility that one day I will fall behind a bit. When that happens I ask that you are just patient with me. I will be back.

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