Review: Brutal Kingdom

Last week I got a buzz on my phone. It wasn't the usual buzz. It wasn't an email or a text or even (heaven forbid, as an introvert) a phone call. Instead, it was a notification from my Amazon app. Yes, Prime Day has arrived and an item from my list was on sale. That... Continue Reading →

Smash Up: The Super Igor Strategy

In the world of card games, there are a lot of different mechanics. These range an incredible amount in regards to how the game plays, and this is because cards are such a versatile tool for game designers to use. One such mechanic is deck-building, dating back to the collectable card games of old, but... Continue Reading →

Exploring Game Theory (Using Catan)

There is something incredibly satisfying about Game Theory. First off, much as the name implies, it can apply to games - tabletop, video, and the kinds of games we play with one another in everyday life. Secondly, it is such a simple mathematical theory that, when explored, most of the readers of this article will probably... Continue Reading →

Review: Eldritch Horror (Solo Game)

Azathoth, The Daemon Sultan, come'th and he comes with fog and vampires. Let me start this review by saying that I am a huge fan of the Cthulhu/Lovecraft Mythos. I loved it right at the beginning of my gaming career when Cthulhu Fluxx was one of the first games I bought. Now, I still love the mythology, however, that... Continue Reading →

The Amazing History of Monopoly

We've all played it. A recent estimation stated that over 500 million people worldwide have enjoyed the mind-numbing, table flipping, rage inducing game that is Monopoly. It has graced the board game shelf of everyone from kings to diplomats, engineers to doctors, mailmen to office cleaners. There are three great equalisers in life - going... Continue Reading →

Review: Blood Rage

"You dare threaten Thor with such a puny weapon?" This is going to be one hefty review. Blood Rage is a big game, yet it is surprisingly simple. It has a lot of unique components, but not too many rules. It has been nominated for so many awards that I am just going to take... Continue Reading →

Review: Sandwich Masters

Indie, food based fun. PREMISE OF SANDWICH MASTERS Sandwich Masters is a 2-4 player competitive card game developed by a small Indie developer called Big Punch Studios. In the game the player plays the part of a sandwich artist (as Subway call them) looking to earn money by completing as many orders as possible. This... Continue Reading →

Warhammer: Playing for Keeps

I never understood winning. It always seems so overrated. It has reached the point where even games I enjoy and am good at, I don't play to win. That's not the point. It's about having fun. I used to love Warhammer. Ever since I was a small boy I remember always building and painting some... Continue Reading →

Review: Biblios

Monasteries and money. THE PREMISE OF BIBLIOS Biblios is a game about more than being a monk. Biblios is a game about being the head monk (or abbot, to use the technical term) in charge of a monastery. Your goal, should you choose to accept it, is to manage and sell resources whilst managing your... Continue Reading →

Review: Cthulhu Dice

The dark lord rise'th. THE PREMISE OF CTHULHU DICE Cthulhu Dice is a dice game (no new news so far) set in the HP Lovecraft universe and created by Steve Jackson. In the game you control the servants of Cthulhu who are, in the great Lovecraftian tradition, trying to drive each other mad. You start... Continue Reading →

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